Answering Your Questions

There are thousands of questions current or future residents of Kings Ridge might have about the neighborhood. Here, we offer a range of questions and answers. Residents are great sources for information so don’t hesitate to ask your neighbor or residents. If you have questions not covered here, don’t hesitate to reach out to the FSR property manager, board members or committee leads.

Q: How is Kings Ridge HOA managed?
A: The HOA contracts FirstService Residential for day-to-day property management. A homeowner-elected board of directors elected at the annual HOA meeting is responsible for HOA oversight. Public board of director meetings are announced in advance and are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month with the exception of July. Minutes of these meetings are posted on the FirstService Residential website by the property manager.

Q: What steps are required by the HOA to make a change, renovation, improvement or addition to my home?
A: All (including spas, swimming pools, solar panels, trellises, etc.) are subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for the Kings Ridge HOA and require review and approval by the homeowner-elected Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Please submit an ACC Modification Form using the online form or print the form and mail it to First Service Residential, Attention: Kings Ridge ACC Approval, 102 Oak Lawn, #202, Dallas, TX 75219.

Q: Can portable basketball hoops be located in the neighborhood?
A: Portable hoops must be kept close to the garage. For permanent installation ACC approval Is required. Please submit an ACC Modification Form.

Q: Can boats be stored on homeowner or HOA property?
A: Boats cannot be kept in the driveway, on the street, or in the back yard. No boat shall be left on public view.

Q: Can flagpoles be installed on homeowner or HOA property?
A: ACC approval is required. Please submit an ACC Modification Form.

Q: How do neighbors inquire about landscape changes or additions of ornamental statues or sculptures?
A: ACC approval is required. Please submit an ACC Modification Form.

Q: Can neighbors add outdoor play equipment on their personal property?
A: ACC approval is required. Please submit an ACC Modification Form.

Q: What’s the process for installing satellite dishes on a home?
A: No antennas or exposed wires should be visible to the public, and all wires shall be contained within the structure. Satellite dishes must be mounted on the backside of the home and requires ACC approval. Please submit an ACC Modification Form.

Q: How are neighbors to maintain sidewalks?
A: Sidewalks within homeowner property must be provided and maintained by the homeowner and conform to the City of Plano requirements.

Q: Are yard signs allowed?
A: No signs except for sale, builder signs, school signs, and election signs are permitted.

Q: What’s the policy on the placement of storage sheds?
A: None are allowed on homeowner property.

Q: How do I report street light outages?
A: Please call CoServ Electric at 1-800-274-4014 or contact our FirstService Residential Association Manager Jamyra Rusley at 214-451-5443 or

Q: How do I report loud noise or nuisances?
A: Please call the city at 972-941-7000 or report egregious noises to the Plano Police non-emergency line at 972-424-5678. Emergencies and police assistance should involve calling 911.

Q: Are there Certificate Disclosures associated with the HOA?
A: Please refer to the FirstService Residential HOA website or contact our Association Manager Jamyra Rusley for details at 214-451-5443 or

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of roads within the HOA?
A: The roads are maintained by the City of Plano. Please call the city at 972-941-7000 or contact FirstService Residential to report problems.

Q: Does the Kings Ridge HOA allow payment plans?
A: Follow the process below unless property notes indicate otherwise. Payment plans may be accepted within the following parameters (no need to obtain manager approval): – $25 processing fee (not negotiable – will be added to account balance) – 4 equal payments (other arrangements may be negotiated Account Services) – 1st payment must be received within 10 days to halt further collection fees and actions. Representative should note account with terms of payment plan and leave as open call in Payment Plan call type (this will alert preparer that paperwork needs to be sent to owner). Payment Plan Coordinator will send out a payment plan agreement for signature which must be returned with the initial payment (within 10 days). If further negotiation is needed with Account Services, either an open call as Payment Plan can be left or an e-mail may be sent to

Q: Does the Kings Ridge HOA provide assessment statements electronically (via e-mail or online)?
A: Owners may go to the FirstService Residential website or call 1-866-428-0800 to receive e-statements to an e-mail account.

Q: I don’t see the answer to my question in these FAQs?
A: Please contact FirstService Residential using the contact form on this website, or call 1-877-378-2388. Alternatively, you can contact our Association Manager Jamyra Rusley directly at 214-451-5443 or at

Q: Who are the HOA board members?
A: President, Paul Nolte; Vice President, Bill Kula; Treasurer, Greg Urech; Assistant Treasurer and Member-At-Large, Ward Olgreen; and Secretary, Glenn Barlow.

Q: What is the annual homeowner fee?
A: $775 per year, per household.