May 21 UPDATE:

Thanks to recent volunteer contributions, we are just $1,500 shy of being able to proceed in the construction and placement of the floating sustainable island in the south pond. Please refer to the previous post language that explains how you can make an impact locally.


Neighbors have donated $1,965 for the floating sustainable island that was approved by the HOA board. To create the proposed habitat in the large, south pond, nearly $2,800 remains to be raised otherwise the project can’t move forward. (Images of similar type island habitats accompany this post with photos of our swans.)

If you would like to help, please contact neighbor Scott Smith at, 972-979-1200, or Bill Kula at, 214-789-1644, with comments/questions. Neighbors can write a check and make it payable to Scott Smith with “Swan Account” written in the memo line.

Cash or checks can be mailed to Scott (or dropped off) at 6909 Whisperfield Dr. near the south pond. This payment approach guarantees 100% of donations go toward the swan habitat and not to pay for GoFundMe administrative fees. A GoFundMe account, however, is still being considered if that is the only way $2,800 can be raised by neighbors who want to participate in the volunteer fundraising campaign.

Thank you to neighbors who have collectively contributed more than 40 percent of the necessary funds for the habitat. Any sized contributions are welcomed according to Scott and Bill, with their hope this volunteer project is of interest to you and/or family members.

Five Key Facts From Previous Post:

  • Our HOA Board of Directors approved at its February public board meeting (based on their HOA governing documents authority) the opportunity for our neighborhood to install a floating habitat for our two neighborhood swans in the south pond.
  • This project will be led by neighbor Scott Smith and Bill Kula who are seeking two things from neighbors: (1) volunteer support to be members of a swan committee that will help oversee the ongoing care and maintenance of the swans and interface with our professional vendor, Twin Oaks Pond & Lake Consulting, that will construct the environmentally friendly and sustainable island, and (2) raise funds to pay for the 112 square foot island constructed of recyclable materials, covered with region-appropriate vegetation and firmly anchored so as to not move.
  • The habitat will serve as a safe, attractive, nesting and resting home for the swans (and turtles) to use that will further protect them from potential predators like bobcats and coyotes that inhabit this region.
  • Based on input from wildlife experts, a ground-based warming hut/pen was not advised as compared to a floating island habitat that provides maximum protection.
  • All costs associated with the swans are funded by neighbor volunteers and no HOA funds are used in support of the swan food or other needs.

Swan habitat 1Swan Lake DuoSwan habitat 2