Kings Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc.
HOA Board Meeting – Aug. 17, 2015

Executive Closed Session – 6:15 p.m.

a. Collections Review
b. Late Fee Policy Review

Regular Open Session – 6:45 p.m.
I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Approve Prior Meeting Minutes

a. June 10, 2015

III. New Business

a. City of Plano Grant Status (10 min)
i. Entrance Lighting Upgrade Project – Kings Manor & Kings Ridge North entrance
ii. Entrance Painting project
b. North Pond Pump / Pond Status and issues (5 min) – Greg
c. Drainage and Irrigation Status and Issues (5 min) – Greg
d. Phase 2 Bench Purchase and Installation (10 min)
e. Web Update (5 min) – Glenn
f. Finance Report (5 min – Greg
g. Toll Brothers Impending Evaluation (5 min)
h. Consent Agenda
i. Grant Application
ii. Irrigation Repairs – $1,331.69
iii. Waterfall Pump Motor Replacement – $3,495.00
i. ACC Status and Reporting (15 min)
i. Open, Closed and pending items
ii. Action Log
j. FSR Action Item Status (10 min)
k. Rules of Enforcement
i. How do we enforce rules?
ii. Levy Fines – Fining Policy

IV. Homeowner Forum / Open Discussion (15 min)
V. Adjournment