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Welcome Home to Kings Ridge!

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Community Garage Sale
Saturday, May 23rd
7 am to 2 pm

The Kings Ridge HOA Social Committee will host a
Neighborhood Garage Sale on Saturday, May 23 from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. 

Each participating neighbor must obtain a permit from the City of Plano. Please use this link to access the information:

On May 23, the permit must be visibly displayed at each participating property.

The HOA Social Committee contacted our assigned Plano Police crime prevention officer, Mark Dawson, to gather some safety tips. Office Dawson recommends the following for participants:

• At least 3 people should guard the items for sale at all times.
• One adult should be dedicated to guarding the cash box.
• One adult should be inside the home at all times.
• Under no circumstance should a stranger be allowed into your home during the garage sale.
• The most common request from visitors is to allow one of their children to use your bathroom. This should not be allowed

Neighbors who have already confirmed their plans to participate in the garage sale have contacted the Social Committee. If you wish to participate, please send an email to Social Chair Ayu Fitzgerald,, with your home address and mobile phone number. The final list will be delivered to all participants the day before the event.

Please print one copy and display it with your items to help guide the buyers to other participating properties.

For your reference:

• Signs announcing the event will be displayed at each HOA entrance.
• Details will be posted on our HOA website.
• The Social Committee will continue to announce the event on our Nextdoor account and it will post the event on the Frisco/Plano/The Colony Garage Sale Facebook Group.

For all other details, please send an email to

Since there will be more people in our neighborhood May 23, please be aware of your surroundings during the neighborhood garage sale. Help make this a productive and safe event by staying watchful for your neighbors, yourselves and children riding their bikes, walking or playing in yards.

posted 5.15.15

New Board of Directors Elected, Roles Discerned

During the Kings Ridge HOA annual meeting on April 21, residents elected three new members to the board of directors, joining two incumbent residents who begin their second year of a two-year term.

On April 29, during an open meeting call, the five board members discerned roles for the new board.

Paul Nolte will serve as president, and begins his second year term.
Bill Kula will serve as vice president, and begins his second year term.
Glenn Barlow will serve as secretary in his first year on the board.
Greg Urech will serve as treasurer in his first year on the board.
Ward Olgreen will serve as assistant treasurer and member at large, and was re-elected for a two-year term after serving a one-year term.

The current board, with representatives living in each of the HOA’s three phases, is grateful for the tremendous service provided by outgoing board president Brent Rice and treasurer Brian Kowalchyk, both of whom did not run for re-election. The new board will serve the needs of the entire neighborhood, and work closely with committee chairs and volunteers, property Management Company FirstService Residential and vendors.

The new board welcomes the interest of all neighbors to offer their gift of time and talent to help the neighborhood in a variety of ways.

The next regularly scheduled board of directors meeting will be on Tuesday, May 19 at Parr Library at 7 pm. Many neighbors have already expressed interest in serving on various committees. Others who want to serve on the landscaping, social, safety or communications committee, or have interest in serving as a neighborhood block captain to keep residents on a specific street informed, apprised and engaged in HOA matters, can express their interest to property manager Kristen Denby at

updated 5.18.15


Our coalition, made up of hundreds of concerned stakeholders involving several HOAs,
is gratified and humbled after earning VICTORY April 27 at the Plano municipal center. Thank you for your help.

After heated debate, the Plano City Council DENIED the applicant's special use permit request for a proposed mid-rise residential development sandwiched between a sea of commercial development at the northeast corner of ... View more Spring Creek Parkway and Headquarters, just west of the future Toyota HQ.

Since the Planning & Zoning Commission already denied the request involving Plano Zoning Case 2014-47, a supermajority vote from council was needed, meaning three votes in opposition to kill the project. We're particularly appreciative to council members
Lissa Smith, Ben Harris and Pat Miner for opposing the project.

The coalition theme -- Inappropriate Land Use -- was shown on a sea of signs in council chambers Monday night. How refreshing to see about 75 signs held high in opposition AFTER 10:30 p.m. since Zoning Case 2014-47 was the last of 12 items on the council agenda.

We respect the service of all council members. We support affordable housing, but only when the proposed development is an appropriate use of land. This project was not.

Let's use this one campaign as an opportunity to stay involved, informed and engaged knowing engaged citizens helps make great cities. There will be many other challenges to confront as we work together to make Plano, plus Denton and Collin counties, a great place to live, learn, work and play. Early voting began April 27 at Parr Library leading up to Saturday, May 9 election day. Please exercise your right to vote this election season!


Dallas Morning News article:

Community Impact Newspaper article:

Plano Star Courier article:

update 5.7.15

Take action against Plano Zoning Case 2014-47

Click here to download the Form Letter

Residents can oppose a special use permit related to Plano Zoning Case 2014-47 in a number of ways.

ONE, attend the Monday, April 27 Plano City Council meeting at 7 p.m. to showcase your opposition to the inappropriate use of land on 2.4 acres at the northeast corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Headquarters. Plano City Hall is located at 1520 K. Ave. near downtown Plano. Members of the coalition against the Zoning Project will speak.

TWO, write a customized letter to the Plano City Council to oppose the applicant’s request for a special use permit that would allow the applicant, Pinnacle Housing and its affiliates, to construct a mid-rise (5 story or higher) affordable residential development. Letters that opposed Zoning Case 2014-47 can be addressed to the Honorable Mayor of Plano and City Council to the following email that reaches the full council:

THREE, sign an online petition, click here. The petition language reads: We, the undersigned residents of Plano, Texas and other concerned stakeholders, OPPOSE the granting of a Special Use Permit (“SUP”) allowing for the construction of Mid-Rise Residential property on 2.4 acres at the northeast corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Headquarters Drive. The SUP was denied by the City of Plano Planning and Zoning Commission under Plano Zoning Case #2014-47 on January 20, 2015, and we hereby respectfully ask the Plano City Council to support the Planning and Zoning Commission's ruling on this issue and reject the applicant's appeal thereto.

Note: Donations to are NOT required to submit your signature. You may simply close the donation window after submitting your signature if you do not wish to donate.

posted 4.20.15

posted 4.10.15

Plano HOA Presidents Breakfast Presentation

Board members Brent Rice and Bill Kula attended a recent City of Plano HOA presidents breakfast and heard presentations from the Mayor of Plano and various city leaders
 on topics of importance to neighborhoods.

Please click on this link for the full set of presentations.

updated 4.21.15

Dear Kings Ridge Homeowners,

As we continue to maintain our beautifully landscaped community, we will be performing a pre-emergent process this Wednesday and Thursday, January 14th and 15th. This is a weed control treatment that will be sprayed in the common areas only.

With this treatment, you may see a faint green dye that is simply colored with food coloring for the Brickman Landscaping techs to help them track their work.

Please be sure to keep your pets off the grassy areas until the pre-emergent spray has dried, which is typically 4 hours. This is a non-toxic substance, and you will see the dye dissipate with the next rain.

FirstService Residential

posted 1.13.15

2014 Fall Kings Ridge Newsletter

posted 10.23.14

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TIME Magazine released a book on healthy living, entitled “Healthiest Places to Live.” The book features 10 U.S. cities and Plano is the focus of a chapter called “Best Place for Staying Safe.”

Plano Named 6th Best City in America for First-Time Homebuyers

Plano Named Best City in Texas for Pet Lovers:

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Why Plano is a great suburb: D Magazine interview with our mayor

updated 08.29.14


Kings Ridge is located in Plano, Texas,  just two miles west of the Dallas North Tollway and minutes from the new President George Bush Turnpike.  Kings Ridge is also centrally located close to both DFW International Airport and Love Field and boasts easy access to five major universities.



Plano's outstanding park system is designed with activities for all ages and includes amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools, recreational centers, a tennis center, multiple country clubs and hike and bike trails.  The schools attended by the children living in Kings Ridge are within the Lewisville Independent School District.


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