Our coalition, made up of hundreds of concerned stakeholders involving several HOAs, is gratified and humbled after earning VICTORY April 27 at the Plano municipal center. Thank you for your help.

After heated debate, the Plano City Council DENIED the applicant’s special use permit request for a proposed mid-rise residential development sandwiched between a sea of commercial development at the northeast corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Headquarters, just west of the future Toyota HQ.

Since the Planning & Zoning Commission already denied the request involving Plano Zoning Case 2014-47, a supermajority vote from council was needed, meaning three votes in opposition to kill the project. We’re particularly appreciative to council members Lissa Smith, Ben Harris and Pat Miner for opposing the project.

The coalition theme — Inappropriate Land Use — was shown on a sea of signs in council chambers Monday night. How refreshing to see about 75 signs held high in opposition AFTER 10:30 p.m. since Zoning Case 2014-47 was the last of 12 items on the council agenda.

We respect the service of all council members. We support affordable housing, but only when the proposed development is an appropriate use of land. This project was not.

Let’s use this one campaign as an opportunity to stay involved, informed and engaged knowing engaged citizens helps make great cities. There will be many other challenges to confront as we work together to make Plano, plus Denton and Collin counties, a great place to live, learn, work and play. Early voting began April 27 at Parr Library leading up to Saturday, May 9 election day. Please exercise your right to vote this election season!