Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

HOA Board VP and communications chair Bill Kula represented the Kings Ridge HOA at Wednesday’s State of the City at the Cinemark West theatre. Here’s his comments about the positive reception Kings Ridge received from many in attendance:

During the mix/mingle session, I visited with many of our city’s senior leaders on the Council and City staff, and many other other community leaders. I also spent time with our friends at the Plano Police with whom we’ve forged a solid relationship over the years from a crime prevention/crime watch perspective.

How humbling and refreshing to hear from senior police officials that they absolutely love Kings Ridge and what we do as a community to showcase safety and community engagement. One of the Plano Police Crime Watch leaders referred to us as “the” model neighborhood.

In speaking to the architect of the evening’s presentation delivered by Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, she was pleased to have been able to use photos from our National Night Out event in October in the body of the main presentation seen by 350 or so attendees. I tweeted out about the #SOP from our Twitter account, @KingsRidgeHOA, and got some nice favoriting from key City groups and others.

The efforts we take within Kings Ridge are often behind the scenes, but they all add up over time to help forge a strong sense of connectedness with our city’s highest leaders who place Kings Ridge very, very high up on their list of model communities.

To all the folks in our HOA who have stepped forward over the years to volunteer and get involved for the greater good, thank you. Your collective efforts are the essence of what our mayor, city manager, police chief and community engagement chief seek from Plano citizens, and it helps shine a bright, positive light upon Kings Ridge.

The photo in this post is of Mayor Harry speaking to the audience about Plano 3.0 and the many things happening that will make our future even brighter as a great place to live, work, learn and play.