Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

It’s with sadness to report that six-year-old Lady Swan was killed by either an unknown predator about 30 feet behind her nest or died from natural causes.

Neighbor Bill Kula met Plano Animal Control and an officer removed the fully intact carcass (apx. 35 pounds) today. Neither the swan’s neck or head were damaged. The officer who claimed the carcass for health reasons from the natural thicket area drainage creek area which is City of Plano property can’t speculate on the predator, but leans toward it being a smaller animal that kills for fun, not food as would a larger animal, since the body was intact. There is also the possibility the death was from natural causes.

Neighbor Scott Smith who has long interfaced with the East Texas swan breeder will reach him for expert opinion on the next steps for the now seven intact eggs in the nest and obtain recommendations on the incubation taking place here or in a controlled environment, plus the welfare of Sir Swan.

A North Texas animal wildlife expert who cares for a number of swans at Stiner Ranch which is adjacent to Castle Hills HOA and is being sold to make way for 300 more homes, has also been contacted for similar expert opinion.

Neighbor Jennifer Murphy has been notified too so that she and her husband/vet, Dr. Scott, are aware and may be able to offer their opinion too regarding egg incubation.

While efforts are underway to determine the best steps for the two-year-old male swan and the welfare of the eggs that could hatch as early as the last week of April or first week of May, PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE TOWARD THE drainage area of the south pond.

Based on swan research, there is no guarantee the eggs will produce baby swans, known as cygnets, but several could hatch.

Nature is beautiful and cruel. Let’s remember the joy that Lady Swan delivered over the past six years, and may she rest in peace and the same grace she displayed. And here’s to Sir Swan as his mate has left this world.

Neighbors will be kept apprised of the situation. Thank you for the many kind gestures so many have extended to our neighbor-owned and cared for swans over the years. Peace.