An informal, and often powerful communication tool, used by 570 Kings Ridge residents (and growing) is Nextdoor. Our HOA began using Nextdoor in the spring of 2014, and we’re now connected to 12 other nearby neighborhoods with an additional 2,653 (and growing) people.

Nextdoor is free, easy to use and a tool that helps with a wide range of issues from crime prevention, city news, vendor recommendations, tips on HOA needs including babysitting, handymen, electricians, pet care, lawn maintenance, etc. It’s also a tool that last year helped unit several Plano and Colony HOAs collaborate with Plano PD to put a box burglar behind bars within six days of the first suspicious activity being reported in our neighborhood.

Nextdoor is not a formal communication tool of our HOA. For specific requests involving HOA matters, please use our website and the Contact Management tool at https://kingsridgehoa.net/contact/.

This Verge story offers good insight about Nextdoor, and we hope that those using Nextdoor will invite fellow neighbors to join the Nextdoor communication movement. Signing up is simple at https://nextdoor.com/.

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