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These water hydrants at the corner of Village Springs and Whisperfield, and in the Village Springs cul de sac, are undergoing a proactive flushing ALL NIGHT LONG into Thursday morning, according to the City of Plano.

The flushing was reported to 911 and the City of Plano to ensure the flushing was proceeding as it should. According to an on-site City of Plano Utilities department employee, the chlorine levels are not good, and the drinking water quality can only be improved by proactively flushing selected water hydrants. The supervisor overseeing the job received the order to do the flushing late Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s a City of Plano explanation:

Over the years, this practice has produced a flood (heh) of complaints since the appearance of water being released into the streets goes against the city policy of water conservation.

An example of past coverage on this topic from 2014:……

Please be careful if you need to be walking or driving along the areas where the flushing is taking place.