Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Lady Swan has a rrived, and she’s enjoying her new surroundings with Sir Swan in the south pond. Born this spring, she has the lighter colored beak that will turn brighter orange over time like the 2 ½ year old male.

As previously reported, steps are being taken to review renderings and proposals for a floating, sustainable, attractive, nesting/resting habitat for the swans to use that will further protect them from potential predators.

Based on input from wildlife experts, a ground-based warming hut/pen is not an advisable form of protection for swans compared to a floating island habitat that provides maximum protection. At a yet to be determined time, a presentation on a swan habitat (including the recommended size, plus steps on how to launch and anchor it) will be made to our HOA board for review and consideration.

As previously reported, all costs associated with the swans are funded by neighbor volunteers. Anyone who would like to contribute toward the general swan account managed by neighbor Scott Smith may do so by reaching Scott at [email protected] or 972-979-1200. Those who prefer to write a check can make it payable to Scott Smith. In the memo line, write “Swan Account” and mail it to him (or drop it off) at 6909 Whisperfield Dr. The cost of the single adult swan was $425. The proposed environmentally friendly floating island habitat could cost between $3,000 and $6,000.

At the request of our swan breeder today, we should give the two swans some space for a while. (The good news is they’ve been interacting very well together already.) You’ll notice the fountain shut off for a while as the female gets used to her new surroundings.

Please do not feeding them human food. The in-water food stand is routinely filled with food designated for swans and serves as a backup to the natural water-based algae and grasses swans enjoy.

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