Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Several neighbors have asked what the swans eat in the south pond.

Their main food, and preference, is the natural aquatic food found in the water. That’s why you often see them dip their beaks, or entire head, under water.

The supplemental food stored in the covered pond feeder is recommended by our East Texas swan breeder, and is a combination of ground corn and poultry feed obtained from a local feed store.

Please avoid feeding the swans anything else to encourage good health. The female and male are doing well and appear to be enjoying the recent visits from migrating ducks and other birds.

Our breeder has also indicated that the swans will likely be more interested in the island when they are ready to breed and seek prolonged protection for nesting activities.

If you’re a bird fan, spend time by the pond as this time of year you’ll see various hawks, owls and other fascinating birds.

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