Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Kings Ridge neighbors,

Now that our latest round of much needed rain has ended, some of you may notice tree trimming work this week along the entire section of our western edge brick wall near the railroad tracks.

Your homeowner association board members have closely inspected the length of the wall several times to evaluate the current and future needs of both the wall and trees.

Our tree contractor has developed a scope of work that we believe will allow our HOA-owned trees on the east side of the wall (between the wall and our streets) to achieve their natural growth heights as well as be healthy. Additionally, our contractor will trim back certain branches and trees on the west side of the wall (between the wall and the railroad tracks) that have caused damage to our HOA-owned wall.

Our contract is very specific in scope, and we believe will aid future growth of our trees as well as stop and/or delay current and future tree damage to our walls and support columns. Our plan calls for our brick wall contractor to come soon after the tree trimming is completed to start the repairs to parts of our damaged brick wall as part of a sustained program.

Your HOA board created the tree contractor’s scope of work with the guiding principal that trees on both sides of the brick wall are critical assets to screening out both the noise and view of trains as well as Grandscape development.

Thank you,

Kings Ridge Board of Directors