Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

The City of Plano enjoys collaborating with the Kings Ridge HOA, and they are seeking 6 to 12 homeowners to participate in a technology project involving trash/recycling notifications. Please read this short explanation about becoming a beta tester. If you’re interested, click on the project link from the City of Plano below to join.

Specifically, Plano staff are asking a few neighbors to provide feedback for a month before they market the service according to Shannah Hayley, Director of Communications & Community Outreach.

For this project, the City of Plano seeks to provide another way residents can stay notified of trash and recycling services in the city. The system allows you to opt-in to receive notifications reminding you of your upcoming collection dates.

The goal is to provide night-before reminders, so you can quickly put out your trash cart, or your trash and recycling carts (depending on the week). The service auto-adjusts for holiday schedules, so no more need to remember when the service takes place. Eventually it will also remind you of bulky waste pick up.

This link,, also, is currently a hidden, but live, page on the City of Plano website. Their goal is for neighbors to see how it works for most of June, including the Memorial Day holiday schedule shift should people sign up in time, before they go live for the full city.

Currently the system is set for simple trash/recycling notifications. Alerts are sent the day before collection as a reminder. Users determine what time the alert is sent (4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm) and what channels (text or email). If multiple people in the household want reminders, they need to set individual alerts. The alerts should automatically adjust for holiday schedule impacts, and should also let users know if it is a trash week or a trash and recycling week.

Hoping you can participate in this beta project to provide valuable input that will ultimately help all Plano residents.