Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

New vegetation planted on the homeowner-funded south pond swan island in late July is taking shape. The island will be relocated to its preferred anchored location a few hundred feet offshore in mid-September by our vendor who built and maintains the island.

The chief goal of the island remains to continue providing a safe nesting and resting habitat for the swans knowing next mating season (March) may produce eggs, and the goal is to have eggs laid in a swan-built nest atop the island. In addition, we want to ensure that the island blends in beautifully at the south pond. For the next few weeks, neighbor volunteers will water the plant life during stretches we don’t have much appreciated rain.

Cheers to Scott; Volunteers Welcome

Neighbor Scott Smith, our original liaison with our swan breeder and pond vendor, is transitioning his duties to me given my long-standing work with the swans. I want to thank Scott for his many years of outstanding volunteer work.

I’ve got big shoes to fill given his solid work, and welcome a small group of volunteers (4-5) to help with various swan maintenance issues atop some neighbors who already periodically restock the supplemental feeder with our officially designated swan food.

How to Volunteer and Donate

Neighbors who would like to help in various ways (reporting pond upkeep and island maintenance needs, purchasing supplemental food and being reimbursed, stocking the feeder, visiting the swans and providing a few dollars to maintain the swan fund now at about $1,000, can reach me, 214-789-1644. I’ll be shifting Scott’s swan account to my local bank so you can write a check payable to Bill Kula with “Kings Ridge Swan Account” written in the memo line.

Cash or checks can be provided to me (or dropped off) at 6413 Ladbrook along the south side of the phase one greenbelt. This payment approach guarantees 100% of donations go toward the swans and swan habitat and not to pay for GoFundMe or other payment administrative fees until I find a more streamlined approach.

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