Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Hello neighbors, here’s our HOA Board of Directors’ communications for August 2019. We’re providing this update to communicate what we’ve been working on.

McKamy Entrance: On July 10, one of the McKamy entrance walls was damaged by a motorist who fell ill while driving. While the information is limited, we’re told the driver survived the crash and will be fine. The entrance wall sustained substantial damage. The driver’s insurance company issued and the Board approved the settlement amount. Vendors have been selected and work will begin soon. Expect the repairs to conclude in Oct/Nov this year. The Kings Ridge monument and neighborhood shield must be custom casted before the wall can be rebuilt.

FSR Connect: We’re listening to the community and we’ve heard the need to improve communications between the you, FSR (our property management firm) and the Board. One major complaint we’ve heard surrounds managing issues or questions raised by a homeowner to FSR/the Board. The Board conducted a thorough analysis on how to improve communications, improve tracking issues reported, prioritization of issues, and best methods to assure issues are closed appropriately and in a cost effective manner. We’ve agreed to begin using FSR Connect ( for community-wide questions and issues management. Look for additional communications on this topic from us as we’re “officially” converting from our current “Kings Ridge Contact the Manager” to “FSR Connect” on September 1. Download the FSR Resident Connect app for Android and IOS from the app stores.

Screening Walls: The Board is addressing two matters associated to the screening walls that surround our community:
• Tree trimming & repairs to the wall along Petticoat: Regarding the west screening walls which boarder the railroad tracks, the Board approved trimming limbs (both in front and behind the wall) and removing trees behind the wall that have or are about to encroach onto the wall. We are also repairing the brick damage along Petticoat in phase 3. Work should conclude within the next couple weeks.
• Walls around the community: The Board engaged a third-party vendor to assess the brick screening walls that surround our community. As we all know, the walls are beginning to show their age of our nearly 20 year neighborhood. The vendor is categorizing and prioritizing needed repairs. The Board, FSR and the vendor are targeting having a priority list with the associated budget within the next 30-day or so. The list will be assessed, a repair schedule and budget developed and the board will discuss it during our September Board meeting.

Turf & color beds: We’re clearly in the heat of the summer and we’re in the midst of the annual struggle of keeping our turf green and flower beds alive all while adhering to Plano watering guidelines and managing the water bill. Unfortunately, we’ve lost some trees (from the major summer storm too), shrubs and flowers. Our Landscape committee is working closely with our water and landscape vendors to identify areas showing stress and adjusting watering schedules to keep our turf and plants alive and to minimize loss. We’re looking forward getting the relief when the weather changes arrive in September.

Let us know how we’re doing by communicating through the HOA website or FSR Connect, and as noted, more information on this topic will be provided very soon.


Your HOA Board – Steve, Brandi, Lance, Mike and Ward