All Kings Ridge Hoa neighbors and friends of our neighborhood swans are invited to the south pond along Kings Manor today (Saturday, March 19th) for a 5 p.m. reunion of Sir Swan and Lady Swan.

After six weeks apart due to Sir Swan’s foot surgery and rehabilitation in the Kula’s garage with trusted support of neighbor Carmen Wright, he’ll return home to the south pond to be reunited with his sweetie pie!

Thanks to all who have contributed to the volunteer swan fund. The contributions have helped cover expenses related to the recovery and rehab of Sir Swan’s left foot that required surgery and right foot that required wound care.

It’s still active mating season. The hope is that the reunion leads to a pleasant homecoming and a high quality of life for our feathered friends based on input from our exotic animal veterinarian Dr. Jones who has provided expert care.

PLEASE do not feed the swans and allow them to eat their preferred natural vegetation in the pond that is supplemented by approved chopped corn and chicken pellets in the pond’s metal feeder.

All interested in contributing to the volunteer swan fund for ongoing care of the swans (food, island nesting/resting repair, water overflow nesting/resting enhancements) can do so two ways:

  • Via Venmo using @Bill-Kula. His mobile is 214-789-1644.
  • Via cash or check payable to Bill Kula with “Swan Fund” in the memo line for accounting purposes. (Wendy and Bill live at 6413 Ladbrook Court in phase one, a cul de sac adjacent to the phase one green belt with trees. We have a “Swan Fund” container on our porch visible via our Ring camera for cash or checks.)