Kings Ridge Homeowner Association – Board of Directors

Hello neighbors, this is the Kings Ridge HOA Spring 2024 newsletter. The Board of Directors and community volunteers prepared this to provide updates on happenings around the community plus reminders of certain regulations as stated in our HOA Governing Documents. We encourage all neighbors to attend our monthly Board meetings to learn more about what is occurring in your community.

The community elects new Board members on an annual basis. Board members have responsibility to manage:
• The community finances;
• Vendors and 3rd parties who support our community;
• Compliance with our Governing Documents.

Our community is managed by RealManage who:
• Executes and reports on all financial related items including dues collection, vendor/bill payments, and interactions with the neighbors daily;
• Assists with managing vendors and 3rd parties;
• Executes twice monthly community drives to assure compliance with our governing documents.

During the twice monthly drive, RealManage looks for and issues notices on:
• Homes with fences and/garage doors, front doors that are in clear need of repair or staining;
• Trash cans being stored in a manner that does comply with our governing documents;
• Dead plants, unkept lawns, weeds overtaking yards, missing front anchor trees;
• Anything egregious, unsightly or unsafe that might atract the inspector’s atention.

Homeowners who are in noncompliance with the Governing Documents will receive a courtesy notice with 30 days to resolve the issue. The community violation policy is initiated after 30-days, if the problem isn’t resolved. RealManage and Kings Ridge adhere to State and Local Laws as part of the violation notice which may include penalty fees and more.

ACC (Architectural Control Committee) request: Planning a modification to your residence? As a reminder, modifications including (not limited to) replacing an aged or damaged roof, changing exterior color to your fence, house color or adding structures like a pool or pergola all must be preapproved by the ACC before construction starts. The process is initiated by completing an ACC form found here: htps://kingsridgehoa.net/forms/ (see bottom of page once online to access the ACC Form)

The ACC will review, approve, or ask questions once submitted. Approval must be given prior to construction commencing. The approval process commonly takes 2-3 weeks once submitted.

Landscape and Beautification of the Neighborhood
Goals of the HOA Landscape Committee are to reduce water consumption at the monument entrance beds by installing hardscape and drought/extreme cold tolerant perennials, native Texas plants.

A beautification grant application was submitted to the City of Plano to assist with cost, however because of many applications, and fairness to other communities, our application was denied. The HOA board will continue discussing how to move forward toward the goal. This is a multi-year plan and investment to conserve and to maintain beauty and property value for Kings Ridge. Please be patient as we work to make these improvements over time.

The months of April and May include:
• Trimming of overgrown trees on Kings Manor and at McKamy entrance;
• Treatment of Crape Myrtle trees for insects, disease and fertilizer;
• Removal of excessive mistletoe in trees along Kings Manor;
• Renovation of beds at monument entrances to transition from 3 color changes per year, to hardscape and drought tolerant plants;
• Staining of South Pond pergola;
• Installation of French Drains at the South Pond where water stands on the sidewalk near the first home on the north end of the pond; (scheduled start date is June 3, 2024).

Pet Waste: Kindly, always pick up and properly discard pet waste as a courtesy to your neighbors. We recently updated all Pet Waste Stations throughout the community. These stations all have plastic bags and waste cans. To those who don’t pick up or throw your bags onto common areas know it is unsightly, inconsiderate, and demonstrates lack of pride in our community.

Safety in our Community is paramount. It’s one of the things that residents and new buyers are always asking about when talking about Kings Ridge. These are a few easy things we can do to better the overall safety across the neighborhood.
• Please take just a few more moments to get where you are going. The speed limit in the community is 30 MPH. We love your kids and your animals and want to help keep them safe. Please love them also and slow down.
• Please make sure your garage doors are closed when you are not around. It makes the neighborhood look better but also lessens temptation for any unsavory characters.
• Please turn your outside lights on at night.
• Please try to remember to lock your cars when left outdoors.

How to reach the Board of Directors: Again, our community is managed by RealManage and our community manager is David Baer. He can be reached at: [email protected]

• Customer Service Phone: toll-free at 866-473-2573
• Customer Service Fax: 866-919-5696
• Direct: 214-927-3519

Kings Ridge Board of Directors
Steve Jacobson, President
Bill Baker, Vice President
Michael Sturtevant, Treasurer
Paul Nolte, Secretary
Jerry Hogue, Member At Large

Newsletter Contributor
Lisa Williams Landscape Committee