All Kings Ridge neighbors are invited to attend the Wednesday, June 26 HOA board meeting at nearby Parr Library, 6200 Windhaven Pkwy.

The executive session will begin at 6:30 p.m. and conclude at 6:45 p.m. The open session begins at 6:45 p.m. or a few minutes earlier should the executive session end early.



  1. Approval of April 2024 Board Meeting Minutes
  2. Consent Agenda Items Review
    1. Board Vote on SPSD McKamy Entrance Irrigation Project, SPSD Proposal 14175
    2. Board Vote on Storm Damage Proposals/Costs


  • Monthly Manager’s Report
  1. Financial Review/Discussion
  2. Delinquency Summary
  3. Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act (TROPA) Violation Summaries and Violation Stage by Property
    1. Copy of Violation Notices, and Subsequent Notices Sent to Homeowners (ACC Response, Violation Responses, etc. and cc: Board.


  1. Review and Understanding of the Process Used by RM/HOA for Deliquent Homeowner Fees
  2. Set up Separate Budget Line Item for Storm
  3. Board of Director’s Liability Insurance


  1. New Business
  2. Talk with Board Candidates for 5th Position
  3. Suggestion / Feedback Box
  4. Sales Tax Exemption Status
  5. Board Members Handling Inquires From Residents
  6. New Homeowner’s Welcome Package
  7. Committee Updates
    1. Landscape—Lisa Williams
      1. Current Project Status
      2. Storm Damage and Actions Taken
  • Other On-going Actions
  1. Moritorium on Violations associated with Storm Damage (pick up of dead branches, dead grass resulting from dead materials on lawn, refuse bags not being picked up by City, etc.)
  2. Entrance Watering and Turf Watering Schedules
  3. Locations of Controllers
  1. ACC Update—Brent Rice
  • Social Update—Elizabeth Ashby
  1. Safety Update—Paul Nolte
  2. Communication—Bill Kula
    1. Signage Status
  3. NewsLetters


  1. 8:15pm thru 8:30pm. Homeowner’s Open The Board will do its very best to conclude Board business by 8:15pm. What’s On Your Mind? This is your community. This is the time where Homeowners can ask questions, express concerns, volunteer for committees. The Board is here to listen and help.
  2. July Board Meeting (17th or 24th?)
  • 8:30pm. Call for Adjournment


Items in Parking Lot:

  1. Board Member Training/CircaNet
  2. Summary of Texas Property Code and City of Plano Code Associated with Short Term Rents, VRBO, etc. KR HOA Options.
  3. Review of Current Contracts with KR
  4. Long Range
  5. Start Planning
  6. Best Practices for Board Members