Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Community engagement, neighbors meeting neighbors, safety and crime prevention shined during our 15th annual National Night Celebration along with a lot of community and City of Plano pride.

We had 100 less attendees from last year’s record crowd of 425, and the ominous forecast and spotty drizzle at parade time likely played a part.

But not even drizzle, and the eventual downpour at 7:34 p.m. could deter the 325 attendees from enjoying another amazing night in Plano that kicked off to the beat of the state winning Hebron HS drum line in our parade with Engine 13, Plano Police Chief Greg Rushin, Plano Fire Chief Sam Grief, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Ron Kelley, and other members of the Plano Police Department and Kings Ridge neighbors of all ages. As parade participants passed the #LovePlano Heart along Kings Manor, many took photos with it and shared their images using #LovePlano and #KingsRidgeHOA.

During speaker remarks at the phase two greenbelt, Ron Kelley read a National Night Out proclamation for the Kings Ridge HOA. Plano Police Chief Rushin delivered thoughtful words about safety and later in the evening handed a four-year old future police officer his business card and cast a huge impression. Plano Fire Chief Grief talked about safety and citizen engagement and took the time to check in on a home on Terrace Mill home that caught on fire several months ago and was extinguished by his amazing team from Station 13 and others.

We’re awaiting word if we hosted the largest HOA-sponsored National Night Out event for the 8th consecutive year.

As the rain emerged, with lighting on the horizon, neighbors were encouraged by the NNO planning committee to head home safely.

Volunteers and the NNO planning team that stayed to help our vendors and clean up couldn’t help but laugh in the pouring rain. For many, it was soon realized an umbrellas was fruitless, and just celebrate the moment. When done, several were so soaked they said it felt like they had jumped into a swimming pool. Soggy, yes, but a good kinda soggy.