Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

During the recent Kings Ridge HOA annual meeting, neighbors elected Brandi Thompson and Mike Seinera to the HOA board to serve a two-year term.

Brandi and Mike fill the board seats of Paul Nolte and Kevin Owensby who completed their two-year terms. Special recognition was extended to Paul Nolte who served two consecutive, two-year terms on the HOA board.

The two new board members join incumbent board members Glenn Barlow, Linda Schuler and Sandeep Srivastava.

Following the meeting, the five board members determined which roles they would serve for the following fiscal year as shown:

President – Glenn

Vice President – Linda

Treasurer – Sandeep

Secretary – Brandi

At Large Member – Mike

Neighbors unable to attend the annual meeting and who wish to receive information shared during the homeowner gathering can reach First Service Residential property manager Demarcus Harris. He can be reached at 214-451-5430, and (See the Demarcus welcome notice posted earlier today).

As shown in the featured photo, the Kings Ridge HOA board of directors consist of (left to right) Mike Seinera, Linda Schuler, Glenn Barlow, Brandi Thompson and Sandeep Srivastava.

HOA matters that need attention can be directed to FirstService Residential property manager, Demarcus Harris. Issues can also be submitted using the Contact Management web form at

Communication is key to the business decisions made by the board of directors, and there are many ways residents can touch in touch with things impacting Kings Ridge. If you see something that needs attention in our neighborhood, please reach Demarcus who works directly with the board of directors, committee chairs, vendors and contractors.

The homeowner board normally meets the second Wednesday of each month, with some exceptions. Board meeting agendas are sent via email to all residents who’ve registered their preferred email with FirstService Residential and are also posted on the HOA Facebook page and the Kings Ridge section of the Nextdoor online community forum.