Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Dear Resident,

The Board of Directors for Kings Ridge HOA would like to continue its bi-weekly communication by first thanking each committee member for our National Night Out celebration. This year was regarded as our biggest event yet! So, to Paul Nolte and each of his committee members, we say thank you. In addition to the congratulations to the NNO committee.

Kudos are in order for the landscaping committee as well. The Board and committee have put together a report on the community projects that have been completed and others that are underway throughout the community.

To begin, in May 2018 we hired SPSD as our landscape company. We’re already seeing improvements from their work, but we know it will take the next 18-24 months to get the turf and planting beds to thrive. Plans are in development to address the Dallisgrass, broadleaf weeds and fire ants you see throughout our community. We’ll post an update once we review and approve the recommendations but know the next general treatment for these issues begins in October when SPSD fertilizes and spreads pre-emergent:

  • Crystal Falls – in August, a significant adjustment to the cul-de-sac bed at the end of the street was completed. A long-term solution of turf removal, extending the bed, installing more shade tolerant plants and utilization of hard scape (decomposed granite) was installed.  Along with adjustments and additions to irrigation plus regular fertilization should make this area beautiful for years to come.
  • McKamy Entrance – a commissioned design of the center island has been reviewed and approved by the HOA board. We plan to implement a 2-pronged upgrade of the center island.  The first phase includes installing a river-rock hardscape boarder and pruning existing bushes to give them a more “natural” look. (This has already taken place) This is meant to beautify the center island while decreasing the overall side planting beds to a more manageable size. Phase-2 of the plan will be installed in early spring. The existing soil will be amended, dead plant material replaced, new plants and ground cover installed; all of which were selected to be full sun tolerant. We will continue to use seasonal color in the planters and beds at each end to accent the location.
  • North Greenbelt (park area between Phases 2 & 3) – we are addressing issues raised by our neighbors. We’ve verified the entire area has full watering coverage and all sprinkler heads are functional. As mentioned earlier regarding weed control, the area receives a pre-emergent treatment in October and SPSD will complete a plan and budget to aggressively attack the Dallisgrass and broadleaf weeds in this and all common areas throughout the community. The dead material on the newer Crepe myrtles in the greenbelt will be trimmed. Lastly, we are in final stages of reviewing a plan to enhance the bed area where the sidewalk splits to form the “circle.”
  • Cannon Falls Entry – the board has approved a plan to replace dead material lost to this summer’s heat. The project includes replacing 33 dead plants including hollies, nandinas and abelias. As with all new plantings, the soil will be amended, and the drip system verified to be in complete functioning order when the new material goes in. To ensure the new hollies grow successfully, we’re finalizing our assessment to trim the large live oak which is blocking out the sun and may have been the culprit for killing off 4-5 existing plants. This project is underway.
  • Fall Color Change – occurs at all entrances where seasonal color annuals are planted.  This is scheduled for mid-October. Our intent is to use draping and upright winter tolerant material in the plant urns in Phases 1 (McKamy) and 2, and Phase 3 with winter tolerant annuals planted in entrance beds to give us color through winter and into spring.

In addition to our landscape projects, we want to quickly touch on homeowner communication via our contact manager form from our HOA website (home page) and (Contact Kings Ridge HOA tab)

  • Contact Manager Submissions (September 1 – October 15) – 14

Issues included:

South pond lights

Spring Creek & Kings Manor lighting

Ant beds

Garage doors

Committee interest

ACC requests


Broken heads and irrigation leaks

Our average response time for the submissions was just over 13 hours for non-emergency submissions. The irrigation leaks were recorded and reported immediately to our irrigation vendor, Water Centric.

We ask that you continue to support the Board as it becomes more involved with homeowners through communication and action. We encourage each of you to utilize our Kings Ridge website to voice your concerns or praise (home page) and (Contact Kings Ridge HOA tab).

This will ensure that the HOA Board is aware, FirstService receives record and that we can measure and monitor the pulse of our community. We recently held our October 2018 Board of Directors meeting. Be on the lookout for exciting information from that meeting. Thank you again for all your help and concern in making Kings Ridge a better place to live!

The Board of Directors

Kings Ridge Homeowners Association


Demarcus Harris
Property Manager