Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

All homeowners began receiving candidate applications in early March for the 2020 Kings Ridge HOA Board of Directors Election. The deadline for candidate nominations is Monday, March 16 and two seats are open as three members will continue in their second year term.

Nominations for the two open HOA Board seats will not be taken from the floor at the Annual meeting on April 16 so it’s very important to express your interest to our property management company very quickly.

Interested candidates should submit the candidate application mailed to all homes to to be placed on the 2020 ballot.

Candidate applications will be available for homeowner review on March 17 at Homeowners may begin voting for candidates on March 20 to be announced at the annual meeting.

Sharing your ideas, thoughts and offering a little bit of your team can guide and shape the future of our neighborhood can make a wonderful, meaningful difference. As a former HOA board member, and long-time communications chair who serves the entire board, I hope you will consider being a board member for our excellent neighborhood.