Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

The 2020 annual board meeting has been on hold since the onset of COVID-19; it was to occur in April.

Public places remain closed (libraries and the Plano Sports Authority) with no target date of reopening. Given the continuation of these unprecedented times and with no end in sight, the board has decided to conduct a virtual/webcast annual meeting on August 12.

The election to fill 2 vacant board positions will be held electronically (online voting) just prior to the election, and with the results announced during the annual meeting. No proxy votes will be accepted.

The 3 candidates are discouraged from campaigning door to door in respect of social distancing. (You can see their nomination form and bios on our website here: (located on the home page under the Forms section,

The newly elected board member’s term will expire in April 2022, at the annual HOA board meeting and to be in synch with the board member’s term schedule defined in our HOA bylaws. Instructions for gaining access to the online election will be drafted and sent to each home within the next couple weeks. Reminder emails and possibly a second reminder postcard may also be sent.

Other HOA’s have adopted this virtual meeting and online voting protocols so we feel comfortable with the process will work for Kings Ridge. Each home will receive a single use code to vote. The voting period window may likely be 2-weeks, ending 5-days prior to the annual meeting. We’ll seek a couple volunteers from the community to validate the results along with FSR, our property managers.

Please keep be on the lookout for the communications piece we’re mailing to you. Details and Q&As will be posted to our website in July as well.

Thank you,

Your Kings Ridge HOA Board of Directors