Tuesday morning’s storm has negatively impacted many aspects of life for people regionally, including our neighborhood, so be attentive to the needs of neighbors and others.

A large tree fell and blocked McKamy, our southern entrance/exit, this morning. Once the tree is cleared, the road will be drivable. But be cautious driving by large trees that could fall due to weakened roots or partially snapped limbs that could break when heavy winds return this week. If you have damage to your home and need assistance, feel free to let this Kings Ridge only Nextdoor thread know of your need.

If you see common area damage, e.g. trees snapped or fallen in green belts, along the creek or along roads like Kings Manor or screening/retaining walls that fell over please report that immediately to our property management firm, Real Manage, via email to [email protected].

Be safe as possible this week with forecasts of heavy rains and strong winds on and off during the week with a heightened alert for Tuesday and Thursday night storms.