Kings Ridge Home Owners Association

Hello from the Kings Ridge HOA Board of Directors. The following provides an update on topics the Board has already addressed or is in the process of discussing.

For more details on the following, please refer to the monthly meeting minutes which are posted in the password protected section of our HOA website at

King Ridges’ new property management firm – Over the last few years the board has heard much pertaining to improving services rendered by First Service Residential (FSR), our current property management firm for the past 19 years. The board conducted a thorough assessment process last quarter where several prospective property management firms, including FSR, were evaluated. The prospect list was narrowed to two finalists and FSR which were taken through two multi-hour interview sessions each. During the first session, the Board took a deep look at their processes covering topics including account management, HOA dues invoicing & collection, homeowner & board online portals, ACC & Bylaw management, site inspection processes, financial management, vendor management and more. The second session was spent looking at their online website and technology offered to support the community and the board while managing the community. The board used a “scorecard” process using the interview data and technology reviews to rank the three vendors.

After detailed discussions, the Board elected to hire RealManage (RM) to manage our HOA beginning on March 1. RM outpaced their competition on virtually every aspect we carefully reviewed. They bring enhanced tools for you (homeowners) to ask questions, present issues found around the community, pay HOA dues, submit Architectural Control Committee (ACC) request and so on. Their Board portal puts advanced financial management right at our fingertips. ACC requests will be initiated through the portal and tracked through completion. Our community will be driven twice monthly to assure we are all keeping Kings Ridge in great shape and in the end, to better “protect our investments” and “assure continuity in accordance with our CCR’s”.

You can learn more about RealManage at Additional information will be sent in the coming weeks.

Railroad transaction now complete – The Board is pleased to announce the funds from selling permanent easement rights for three slivers of land west of our screening walls to the railroad is now complete. As you may have heard, the railroad is extending the second (passing) track which currently ends in phase 1, to Grandscape Blvd. After months working with Prosper Land (Kings Ridge’s developer), Chase Bank and BNSF Railway, we were successful at attaining the lien releases and clear title that were remaining on the three parcels of land; the transaction could not close without the liens being cleared. The HOA received and deposited the balance due of a total payment of $506,000 last week into our HOA account, thus opening the path to addressing large projects as described in the next sections.

HOA Screening Wall Repair Project – Early in 2020, the board began addressing the screening walls which surround and run through our community. A third-party firm was hired to review and grade each column and wall panel. They documented and graded each section from “A” (great condition) to “F” (failing condition); thus, helping us begin to define the overall project scope. Emergency repairs were done on a few “F” sections. These repairs were funded from reserves over the past few months, however the project itself was put on hold while the railroad deal was completed as the monies from the transaction will help fund this project.

With railroad funds in place, the Board executed a contract with PIE Construction who will review the initial wall assessment completed last year and then develop and manage the Request for Proposal for selecting and hiring a general contractor who will be responsible for the repairs. The Board intends to address the “C” & “D” graded sections while keeping close consideration on available funds (railroad and reserve monies). We expect this process to take 60-90 days to complete and the repairs to commence as soon as feasible and the timeline will be communicated with the community once known. We are all excited with the anticipation of improving the aging walls around our community.

It is our expectation that the vendors will partner with our new property management company to implement a robust communications plan that ensures affected homeowners are aware of when work will be done so they have time to make necessary arrangements including securing pets.

Two major landscape projects are in the starting block – The Board with support from the landscape committee are putting the final touches on two improvement projects. The first involves the addition of screening trees along the west walls in all three HOA phases. A portion of the railroad monies will be used to move and add screening trees along the west wall in all three phases. In phases two and three north of Indian Creek, the City of Plano will remove the sidewalks in front of the walls along Merriweather and Petticoat. They will add topsoil and we will add turf to the space left after the sidewalks are removed. This allows for the installation of 55 larger gaged trees which are being planted to aid in screening the views to the railroad and Grandscape. We cannot fully block the sites and sound from the railroad but believe these additions will improve what we currently have. The City of Plano expects to remove the sidewalks in midMarch and the trees will be planted in early April.

The second project will enhance the Spring Creek entrance. As we’ve discussed over the months, the Board conditionally approved a plan to enhance the Spring Creek entrance landscaping. We have applied to the City of Plano for Beautification Grant Monies and are awaiting their decision. Over the past few years, we have been given 3 grants for $10,000 each. We hope to keep the string intact as the monies will help offset the cost for making these landscape improvements. The plan is to incorporate hard and softscape plants and materials, add urns to each side, thin the plants that have grown together and add perennials and seasonal color. The final plan will be developed once we understand if and how much grant monies we were awarded. The Board will present these plans, likely during the March board meeting so be on the lookout for the meeting agenda if you want to learn more.

Upcoming Board elections & committee members – Are you a neighbor who is interested in volunteering for a committee or running for the board? There are open positions in the landscape and ACC committees. Three board positions will be elected during our May 12th annual meeting. Additional information will be posted and sent to neighbors. Please feel free to contact us if you want more information about an open committee position or if you are interest in running for the board. We can always discuss these positions during our March HOA Board meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, March 17th .

From the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – Planning a modification to your residence? As a reminder, modifications including (not limited to) replacing an aged or damaged roof, changing exterior color to your fence, house color or adding structures like a pool or pergola all must be preapproved by the ACC before construction starts. The process is initiated by completing an ACC form found here: The ACC will review, approve, or ask questions once submitted.

How to Contact Us – By practice, the Board does not publish our email addresses nor phone numbers. However, we always welcome your input. Beginning on March 1st , the easiest way to reach us is to enter a service request through RealManage’s online portal or by calling them directly. Additional information on RealManage homeowner portal will be sent to all homeowners. Otherwise, beginning on March 1st please call RealManage at 1-866-473-2573 if you wish to speak with a Board Member. Be sure to tell the helpdesk agent about the reason you are calling and one of us will contact you.

Thank you for allowing us to support our wonderful community.

Steve Jacobson, President
Lance Schnell, Secretary
Ward Olgreen Treasurer
Bill Baker, Member at Large