2023-2024 Board of Directors Kings Ridge

Thank you, Kings Ridge neighbors, for attending the May 24 annual meeting and submitting your proxy to be included in the vote for board of directors.

Because of your engagement, we had a sufficient quorum of neighbors present to make the board elections official.

Our new five-member board consists of Steve Jacobson and Paul Nolte who will continue their two-year board term through spring 2024. Newly elected board members are Bill Baker, Jerry Hogue and Michael Sturtevant who each will serve a two-year term.

The new board met to decide who will fulfill specific roles. The new roles are Steve Jacobson as president, Bill Baker as vice president, Paul Nolte as secretary, Michael Sturtevant as treasurer and Jerry Hogue as member at large.

In this post’s photo, our board members are L to R: Steve Jacobson, Paul Nolte, Jerry Hogue, Bill Baker and Michael Sturtevant.

During the meeting, the board and Real Manage property manager David Baer provided updates on the neighborhood, finances and other issues impacting all neighbors. Committee reports were provided by safety committee chair Paul Nolte, landscaping committee chair Steve Jacobson, communications committee chair Bill Kula, social committee chair Rachel Bloom and architectural control committee chair Brent Rice.

Gratitude is offered to our three board members who completed their two-year term on May 24. We appreciate the support and contributions of Brent Halvorson, Lance Schnell and Greg Urech.